At this early stage in planning for a community hub, an architect has been commissioned to produce an indicative scheme showing; site plan layout, building sketch and floor plan and an amended floor plan by the steering group showing possible extra facilities. It should be emphasised that these sketches are shown simply to give an idea of how the land may be used and should not be regarded as the design ultimately selected. The final design chosen could be radically different.

The site plan shows how the existing entrance would be suitably improved with visibility splay and hedge height reduction to comply with highways requirement. And by having a Caravan Club ‘Certificated Licence’ for five touring caravans, there would be an important income stream for the hub during the early stages of establishing the hub as a profitable business.

Two areas have been earmarked as a community produce garden for growing vegetables and soft fruits for sale in the shop and hub kitchen use. Thought will be given to having raised beds for easy disabled access.