CCLT : Privacy Statement : 4th May 2018

Coxley Community Land Trust: Coxley Hub

New General Data Protection Regulations coming in soon

CCLT holds contact details of its members, i.e. all those who supplied them on their replies to the opinion survey conducted by the Community Council for Somerset in September 2016.

People supplied their details if they wanted to be kept informed of progress, news, events and meetings, and/or to volunteer to help in various ways.

However, changes in data protection legislation mean that we will shortly no longer be able to hold this information on file unless members give us explicit written/e-mailed permission to do so.

So we are writing/e-mailing all members asking them to reply by 10th May giving us explicit permission to continue to hold their information for the purposes for which it was given.

What information do we hold about members and where did we get it from?

The only information on file are names, postal addresses and/or phone numbers and/or e-mail addresses, and the only source of the information was the Survey form filled in.

However it is anticipated that new members will join as they get to hear about Coxley Hub.

Who else can see the information and where is it stored?

This information will only ever be shared with the Trustees (named on this website), members can ask to inspect the records at any reasonable time, or ask to have their information deleted. The records are held on the Chairman’s computer in her home (password protected) with a back up paper copy in a safe place.

If members want to be kept in touch with progress

Please respond to the e-mail/letter send to all members in early May 2018. Our preferred method of communication is e-mail (for economy and efficiency) so if a member received the communication on paper (for example if the e-mail address they supplied didn’t work or they didn’t have e-mail at the time of filling in the survey) we would much prefer them to reply by e-mail if they have that facility.

What information do we required from existing members or new ones wishing to join?

Name, postal address, phone number(s) and e-mail address. If you have particular skills or interests you would like to volunteer, please say so e.g. lawyer, architect, surveyor, computer/secretarial, website design and maintenance, social media, ground clearance, tree and hedge care, leafletting, and later on – help in café/shop/bar/cleaning ....

We have stressed to members that if we do not hear from them by 10th May, we will have to delete them from our lists, so they will no longer receive updates.... which would be a pity just as things are at last beginning to move in a hopeful direction.